Tailored Nutrition Plans

→ athlete or non-athlete

Do you need help with everyday nutrition essentials or performance-related nutrition? Melanie offers two different types of tailored nutrition plans for clients: the nutrition essentials plan and the performance-related plan.

Nutrition Essentials Plan (non-athlete)

The nutrition essentials plan is suitable for clients that are fairly savvy with their nutrition and enjoy following a tailored plan to meet a specific goal, but would like to optimise their overall health or target specific concerns. This plan covers general health as well as areas such as digestion, allergies or weight loss, and is suited to the client’s lifestyle and personal preferences. This type of program requires roughly four to six consultations, and Melanie creates the client’s personal meal plan after she has spoken to the client over the phone or via Skype.

Inclusions in the nutrition essentials plan:

  • 30-minute Skype/phone assessment
  • Complete nutrition analysis
  • Personalised and results-based flexible nutrition plan
  • Nutrition toolkit including recipes and resources to empower positive change

Fees in the nutrition essentials plan:

  • Tailored Meal Plan — $150
  • Review (tweaks recommended monthly) — $80

Performance-Related Plan (athlete)

The performance-related plan is targeted to athletes such as triathletes and ironmen. This plan is suitable for athletes that undertake serious training and need a more developed plan that takes into account their training period and race-day requirements.

Inclusions in the performance-related plan:

  • 30-minute Skype/phone assessment
  • Complete nutrition analysis
  • Tailored nutrition plan specific to the client’s sport and performance goals
  • Safe and effective performance supplement recommendations

Fees in the performance-related plan:

  • Tailored Periodised Meal Plan — $230
  • Racing Plan (nutrition and hydration) — $150
  • Review (tweaks recommended monthly) — $80