Recipes for Performance

30 Sports Dietitian-approved recipes to help you achieve peak performance.

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If you are time poor; juggling work and social commitments but also have a desire to achieve personal fitness goals, I created this specifically for you. The following pages contain a collection of my favourite and most popular Sports Dietitian-approved recipes, that will fit in with your busy lifestyle whilst fuelling your body to achieve. Currently the Sports Dietitian for the NRL Dragons, I’ve worked with many athletes and teams to help them achieve their performance goals. But here’s the thing: The nutrition principals I teach athletes can also be used by you -the weekend warrior or aspiring athlete- to help you with your weight, energy and performance goals.

If you’re ready for that next level of nutrition support visit to learn more or contact me. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy these recipes!

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Fuel for Sport, Pre-Workout and Post Workout Recipes

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