2018. Target and Succeed.

A friend of mine once told me that the goal is a set constant; psychologically you’re not likely to compromise. However, if you are not meeting your goal you need to change the process or steps you are taking in getting there. After all last year they didn’t work.


STEP 1. Refine your Target

More times than I can count, I hear the phrase ‘I would like to lose weight’. When prompting for reasons, they include ‘to be healthier’ or ‘to stay active for my kids’. Surely that can’t be true! Everyone? There is nothing wrong with this goal, however it certainly doesn’t scream excitement.

We are especially fortunate as Sydney-siders to have a number of community and charitable fitness events year round. After a quick google search I found fun runs, aquathons, ocean swims and walks with dogs. For the more competitive there’s triathlons, ironman, ultramarathons, tough mudders. The list is long. I suggest choosing 1-3 events for 2018 and marking them in your diary. Sign up and pay the fee now. Target found – tick.


STEP 2. Make a plan.

Liken yourself to an entrepreneur. Smart business people have a plan that starts with clearly defining the vision, talking to others about their ideas and scoping out the market. Similarly, in stepping up to a challenge you will need to understand your ‘why’ and take logical, realistic steps to make it happen.

I’ve always been one to ‘wing it’ however once visualising my goals I’ve found the likelihood to meet them 2 fold greater. I’ve seen people making sense of their ideas by writing them on bedroom mirrors with multiple arrows and pictures. I prefer using something I can add to or adapt more easily. An Internet based map such as mindmaple works really well. Just don’t waste too much time indulging in adding colours and pictures!


STEP 3. Get Support.

Two heads are better than one. Know your weaknesses, accept them and fill the gap with someone you know is badass at it. Don’t like exercising alone? Find a friend or a join training group. Don’t like exercising in general…get a coach. Have a niggling injury? See a physio before starting a program. Finding it hard to commit to a healthy diet? Talk to a nutrition expert.


STEP 4. Be Consistent.

This is the hard part. The only way to stay on track with any goal is to enjoy the process. As social beings, there are psychological as well as physiological benefits to exercising with others. When you join an exercise community, you may have an individual goal however it takes a backseat to the priority of enjoying physical activity. F45 and Cross-Fit are two groups that immediately come to mind. You become accountable to others, which will serve as a good butt kick when you feel like giving up.



  • Seek a specific fitness goal that is challenging and not weight or health focused. Eg. Join a fight gym or train to compete in your first triathlon.
  • Make a visual map of the steps you need to take to meet your goal. Re-visit and add ideas as often as you like.
  • Ask your friends, family and health professionals for support and advice.
  • Completely cliché – but seriously enjoy the steps to becoming fitter and stronger. The event or the moment of success won’t last long. You will remember the time you completed that extra rep, the jokes and the fun you had training with others.


Best of luck!






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